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  • Ceramic and Works of Art Department

    From the beginning of Council was established in 2006, the ceramics has been the conventional and advantage business. The high records of strike price during past few years have fully proved its important position in the industry. Porcelain and Works of Art Department consisted by experienced senior staffs, who are competitive both in professional competence, working experience, and reputation. In 2009, Beijing Council International Auction Company Ltd. and Japan Shinwa Art Auction formed a strategic partnership. Shinwa is responsible for collecting Chinese artworks in Japan; especially in antiques, and then Council will organize the auctions. This action not only opens an addition door to the auction supply, but also gradually paves roads for stepping into the international auction market. Council pursued top grade and competitive products line in annual spring and autumn auction, antique and rare curiosa auction has become inherent part. 'The court specifically auctioning', which is prepared for the Guan ware ceramics of Ming and Qing Dynasty, also has become a brand, fully recognized by the market. The court Lot, including 'Ming Dynasty Xuande Blue and white bear-shaped'(sold for RMB7.26 million Yuan), 'Ming Dynasty Yongle Gilded Copper Statue of Bodhisattva Manjusri'(sold for RMB 9.24 million Yuan), 'Mid-Qing Dynasty Jade Goddess of Mercy' (sold for RMB 18.144 million Yuan), 'Late Tang Dynasty-- the Northern Song Taigu Yiyin' (sold for RMB 20.72 million Yuan) and 'Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong Period Imperial Embroidery on silk gauze Three Elders ' (sold for RMB 28 million Yuan). The entire staffs of ceramic department will provide accurate judgments, accurate information, development trends, and professional services.

    Business Representative:
    Shao Zejiang   4400975/76/77-8012 szj@council.com.cn
    Tan Long     84400975/76/77-8015 tl@council.com.cn

    2006 Autumn Auction lot1330
    Ming Xuan De qing P Plus
    Floral Candlestick flower
    broken branches
    2006 Autumn Auction lot1041
    Yongle gilt bronze
    Bodhisattva Manjusri
    2009 Spring Auction ,
    lot 1243
    Intriguing fall of the Qing
    Jade carving a pair of
    gourd covered box
    Hong Kong auction lot554
    Yuan blue and white
    bottles of water ears
    Hong Kong auction lot590
    Flowers and Red Apple
    Qing Kangxi Qing Zun
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