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    Beijing Council 2015 Autumn Auction will commence on December 4th

    Beijing Council 2015 Autumn Auction will kick off on December 4th at Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. More than 2000 auction items will be displayed at 19 sessions. The preview is from December 1st to 3rd, and the auction starts on December 4th.

    More than 1200 precious works of Chinese calligraphy and paintings will be auctioned at 8 sessions, including “Chengdao - Modern Chinese Painting Highlight”, “Chengdao - Classic Chinese Painting Highlight”, “Changhuai - Chinese Calligraphy Highlight”, “Modern and Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy and Painting”, “Fine Classic Chinese Painting”, “Fine Classic Chinese Calligraphy”, “The Calligraphy within a Century - 20th Century Chinese Calligraphy”, “Jiyu - Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy without Reserve Price”.

    Cheng Dao - Classic Chinese Painting Highlight
    The Highlight selects over 20 precious works by well-known Chinese artists, despite a severe lack of classic Chinese artworks. The Mountain and Pavilion by He Yi was stored in Imperial Study with the inscription of Emperor Kangxi. At the end of Qing dynasty, the work was given to Pujie as a reward by Puyi. Zhong Shouping depicts the luxuriant chrysanthemum in autumn. And it was collected by Guo Maochang, then put at Brooklyn Museum for around 30 years. Pavilion by anonymous and Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival are different in approach but equally satisfactory in result in terms of composition. Both of them depict the whole landscape of the social activities in Northern Song Dynasty by professional artists of Southern Song Dynasty. The Calligraphy and Painting Album by Dong Qichang was an old collection of Duo Yun Xuan and the work combines the beauty of calligraphy and paintings. The Calligraphy and Painting of Luoshen Fu by Cui Zizhong and Dong Qichang is one of the most valuable works. The Landscape by Wang Jian was collected by the famous connoisseur, Sun Yuwen, during the reign of Emperor Xianfeng. Modeling Ancient Landscape by Wanghui, adopted the painting essence of Zhao Chengyi, Guantong, Huang Gongwang, Wang Meng, Li Tang, Tang Yan, Wang Wei. And it was collected by Jin Wangqiao, then handed over to Lu Xinyuan.

    Cheng Dao - Modern Chinese Painting Highlight
    65 items from modern Chinese artists will appear at “Cheng Dao-Modern Chinese Painting Highlight”. The Horse is a significant work of Xu Beihong. It was auctioned at Christie’s in Hong Kong. The work was created first in Nangjing, then in Guilin, eventually finished in Chongqing. The hard process mirrors personal hardships and national turbulence, which demonstrates the ups and downs of that time. Old Man and His Donkey by Huang Zhou was completed a day before Chairman Mao passed away. With the whole nation immersing in grievance, Huang Zhou was invited to attend the funeral by Zhao Puchu, who added inscription later. The picture was present to Zhao Puchu, a testimony to the sincere friendship during the Cultural Revolution. Reading in Mountain by Zhang Daqian, was created in 1947, and displayed at Exhibition of ZhangDaqian’s Work, held by China Painting Center in Shanghai in1948 when Zhang Daqian was at the peak of creative inspiration. The painting was carried on earlier publications of Taiwan Museum of History several times. As early as 1946, The Beauty was also displayed at Exhibition of Zhang Daqian’s work, held by China Painting Center in Shanghai.

    “Chang Huai - Chinese Calligraphy Highlight”
    It is a great pleasure for ancient Chinese people to appreciate the beauty of nature and have a heart-to-heart talk with old friends. Calligraphy in Running Script by Wen Zhenming, is a precious work. Although the author was at an old age, the calligraphy is full of vigorous vitality. Jin Nong’s Calligraphy in Official Script was collected by Wu Hufan. The calligrapher both in Han and Wei dynasty never invented such techniques. Inclusive Love by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founding father of modern China, has its natural beauty. Its heavy history and beauty flows naturally, just like the personality of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The session also includes exquisite works by Zeng Guofan, Wu Changshuo, Wu Hufan, Xie Wuliang, etc. On the theme of “Chang Huai”, the session gather great works by famous calligraphers in the past three century, which certainly will live up to the expectations of collectors.

    “ The Calligraphy within a Century-20th Century Chinese Calligraphy “
    More than 300 works within 20th century will be auctioned at this session. The weather-beaten works build up cultural accumulation with their solemnity. There are correspondence letters between political figures of modern Chinese history, such as Kang Youwei, Wang Jinwei, Xu Qin, covering politics, academics and poems. The receivers are heads of junta, like Wu Peifu. All of these present the connections among various political parties and groups, and are helpful to restore the historical figures more vividly. The correspondence letters come from the collection of Wu Xianzi, the representative of constitutionalists in the Republic of China (1912-1949). In addition to this, the session also includes other renowned calligraphy works by masters in Republic of China, like Hu Shi, Yu Youren, Zhang Daqian, Fu Ru, Wuhufan, etc. Besides, there will also be works with prominent figures’ names as the recipients, or those who make their public appearance as well as some interesting works.

    Fine Classic Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
    Beijing Council attaches great importance to fine classic Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and several excellent works will appear at the session, including “ Fine Classic Chinese Painting”, “Fine Classic Chinese Calligraphy”. There are personal letters from Li Rihua, Lv Liuliang, Zong Yuanding, Li Shihong, Zhang Yuanju, Hong Qichu, Yangzhao, etc. Possessing both literature value and beauty, they are exceptional at the present age.

    Jiyu - Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy without Reserve Price
    It is the first time for Beijing Council to have launched the session without reserve price, covering lots of well-known works, including those by Zhang Daqian, Fu Ru, Tao Lengyue, Zhao Puchu, Cai Yuanpei, Liu Zigu. The session is aiming to create a platform of exchanges, interaction between old, new collectors and satisfying different needs.

    Modern and Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings
    Around 300 items will be auctioned at this session, among which are The Figure under Pine by Zhang Daqian, one of the most priceless works, created in 1949 and The Plum in Spring by Lu Yanshao 1985. Lu’s work depicts snow plum blossoms with heavy lines and bright color.

    Important Chinese Ceramics, Fine Chinese Works of Art and Manasikara, the Buddhist Arts are included in the Porcelains and miscellaneous items. The three sessions gather many precious items of Ming and Qing dynasty, including porcelains of Guan Ware, jade, emerald, bamboo and wood carvings, lacquer ware, ink slab and four treasures of the study, lardite carvings, Buddha statue, Thang-ka, etc.

    Important Chinese Ceramics
    The number of ceramics from three reigns of Qing dynasty is on the rise. The excellent works of Guan Ware cover blue and white porcelain, pastel, archaized ceramics, porcelains with emperor’s inscription, porcelains manufactured by Tangying, as well as lively white glaze and blue and white porcelain of Yongle and Xuande period of Ming dynasty. Excellent works from Guan ware are deserving particular attention.

    Fine Chinese Works of Art
    These session launches a special theme of private collections from Hong Kong. During the 2014 spring auction, Beijing Council also held the same session, focusing on objects of imperial palace, which yielded great results. So we continue the session this autumn.

    Manasikara, the Buddhist Arts
    This session mainly focuses on Buddha statue, Tang-ka and we select classic items from Tibetan Buddhism, Han and Tibetan Buddhism and Imperial Buddhism, as well as items which possess the typical features of the times. We solicit precious works, which are strict in foundry techniques, emphasis on details and qualified bronze. The works span from thirteenth century to eighteenth century, presenting the art of painting of statue and Tang-ka from different times. We hope to provide a visual feast for collectors and amateurs, and get together to appreciate the fine Buddhist arts of different times. The Return of Guangyu: Master of Chinese Modernism Zhang Guangyu, Chinese 20th Century Modern Art, Contemporary Art are included in Modern and Contemporary Arts. The three sessions will present the clues of Chinese modernism, and bring various choices to collectors.

    The Return of Guangyu: Master of Chinese Modernism Zhang Guangyu
    The pioneers in the new fine arts movement within 20th century still remain well-known and influential today. Zhang Guangyu is the figure that should have been memorized and studied long time ago. As the founder of modern Chinese caricature movement, he also achieved a lot in various fields, including industrial art, publication, design, caricature and animation, as well as art education, so his life span many art fields. He is the combination of traditional Chinese arts, the spirit of modern times and western arts. Thanks to the support of his family, the auction will present watercolor, ink paintings and caricature, revealing various forms of creation and keen sense of society and great imagination of Zhang Guangyu, including Maliang with the Magic Brush, Monkey King popular among people and another ten watercolor paintings.

    Chinese 20th Century Modern Art
    At the end of 20th century, there were various perspectives on the debate between western culture and eastern culture, among which the combination between western culture and Chinese culture is the mainstream. This perspective in particular prevailed in art circle. At this auction, we are going to sort out all clues of Chinese modernism and hoping to bring the situation of painting circle of that time to collectors’ attention. There are excellent works from Li Tiefu, Guan Liang, Lin Fengmian, Ding Yanyong, Zhao Wuji, Lv Sibai, Li Chaoshi, Ni Yide, etc, reproducing the development path of Chinese culture’s fusion in western painting.

    Contemporary Art
    At the Contemporary Art session, we are going to present the most sensitive artworks in global context, including works from 1980s and 1990s, which are the most powerful and most reflective ones, as well as excellent works from younger generation. Works from Gutai and street arts will also appear, which will bring a whole new perspective for collectors. We continue to focus on two principal lines, market demand and academic value at this auction, and launch Contemporary Ink Painting session, displaying works by Wang Jiqian, Fang Zhaolin, Liu Guosong, Xu Lei, Liang Shuan, Lin Jin, Jiang Ji’an, Peng Wei, etc.

    “The Universe of Square -stone and Seal Carvings”, “ Modern and Contemporary Chinese Porcelains” and “ Classic Zisha Teapot and Oriental Tea settings ” are included in Contemporary Handicrafts session. Several special sessions are worth the wait.

    The Universe of Square - stone and Seal Carvings
    More than 200 items will appear at this session, including around 100 exquisite square stones and seal carvings, as well as a collection of seal stamps. We also will launch another two special sessions, among which the seal which Qi Baishi carved for Zhang Linfu is of great value. It brings the old stories of Chinese people’s resistance against Japanese aggression to public attention.

    Classic Zisha Teapot and Oriental Tea settings
    Although Gu Jingzhou passed away 20 years ago, his artistic style has influenced generations to come. This time we are very fortunate to solicit the masterpiece created by Gu Jingzhou and Wu Hufan. And we also launch “ Private Collection “ session, covering lots of excellent works spanning from the Republic of China to the contemporary era. In terms of tea settings, we launch the tea house for the first time, including Huanghuali furniture (yellow flowering pear wood), tea settings, bookshelf, curio box, altogether with tea. We hope that collectors can feel art in real life.

    Modern and Contemporary Chinese Porcelains
    “Wang Bu”, “ Contemporary Ceramics Master” “ The Beauty of Study”,etc are included in this session, and over 140 items spanning from the Republic of China to the contemporary era will appear. There are representative works from Wang Bu, Wang Qi, Wang Dafan, He Xuren, Wang Ciliang, Zhang Maosong, Lijun, Dai Ronghua, etc.

    It is the first time for Beijing Council to have launched important jewelry and other precious stuff, covering high-end consumer products, such as jewelry, handbags and Whisky. We are gong to present a magnificent gala of exquisite works.

    Important Jewelry and Watches Session
    A variety of exquisite works will display at this session, including emerald, colored diamond, colored stone, organic gemstones, corals and pearls. There are several highlights of jewelry accessories, such as ruby, sapphire and emerald green. The heart-shaped ruby ring weighing 3.6 carat from Myanmar and pear-shaped lightpink diamond ring weighing 2.01 carat are of high cost performance. At antique jewelry session, the phoenix coronet which appeared at the wedding of the famous actress Angelababy, make a debut for auction. And there are fine traditional Chinese accessories, such as handicraft using kingfisher's feathers for ornament. In terms of watches, watches from Patek Philippe top the auction items, The clock made during the reign of Qianlong in Qing dynasty, is a also precious work.

    Handbags and Whisky session
    Beijing Council launches auction of Hermes handbags and accessories, among which are Himalaya crocodile Birkin with the length of 25 centimeters, elegance Vintage with the length of 28cm and 32cm, black box Kelly bag with the length of 35cm, and a rare Burgundy Red Nile crocodile Birkin with the length of 25cm as well as Hermes accessories. This will certainly attract fans of Hermes.

    There are more than a hundred bottles of Whisky at the vintage wine session, including McAllen, Glengrant, Glenfarclas and etc. The brands of Japanese Whisky includes Karuizawa, Yamazaki, Hakushu, Chichibu, etc. All of them made remarkable performance at worldwide auctions.

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