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    Beijing Council 2015 Summer Auction reaped 71.84 million yuan

    On October 17th, Beijing Council 2015 Summer Auction reaped 71.84 million yuan with the leading revenue of 22.345 million yuan at Chinese Painting Highlight. Peonies by Yu Fei’an won the champion of this session. The much-anticipated session “An Important Selection of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy from Tai Jingnong Collection” achieved 21.094 million yuan.

    An Important Selection of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy from Tai Jingnong Collection achieved 21.094 million yuan.
    This session includes more than 400 pieces, covering works of paintings, calligraphy inscribed by Tai Jingnong’s old friends and Tai Jingnong’s calligraphy from different stages of his life. All of these items were auctioned without reserve price, finally realizing 21.094 million yuan with the turnover rate of 100%. Calligraphy in Running Script by Tai Jingnong fetched 529,000 yuan after several rounds of bidding. Tai Jingnong’s collection Calligraphy in Official Script created by Liu Bannong realized 805,000 yuan. Dragon-fish by Zhang Daqian achieved 552,000 yuan and The Pavilion by Qigong was sold for 541,000 yuan.

    Chinese Painting Highlight achieved 22.345 million yuan
    Over 50 masterpieces at this session realized 22.345 million yuan without failing to live up to expectations. Peonies by Yu Fei’an was recorded in the book The Famous Calligraphy and it was got from the recipient’s family with the hammer price of 2.53 million yuan. Living under Trees by Huang Binhong fetched 2.185 million yuan. Calligraphy in Running Script by Zhen XiaoXu finally was sold for 1.61 million yuan after several rounds of bidding, ten times higher than the estimate price. The Figure by Zhang Daqian achieved 1.208 million yuan and The Wealth by Qi Baishi fetched 943,000 yuan.

    The Painting on Leaf Performance achieved 6.209 million yuan.
    Around 100 items were auctioned at 6.209 million yuan with the turnover rate of 81.53%. Autumn Scenery by Qi Baishi realized 391,000 yuan and The Chrysanthemum fetched 368,000 yuan. Calligraphy in Running Script by Chen Shaomei and Xiang Dizong was sold for 322,000 yuan.

    The Calligraphy within a Century reaped 5.556 million yuan
    Precious works, such as calligraphy and personal letters of influential figures, achieved 5.556 million yuan. The works of calligraphy with Hu Yiwui’s name as the recipient, the president of Industrial and Commercial Daily Press in Hong Kong were very impressive. The 18-characters couplets by Ye Gongchao realized 224,000 yuan.

    Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy realized 11.256 million yuan Modern and contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy achieved 11.256 million yuan. The Lotus created by Pan Tianshou was collected by Ni Yide’s family, realizing 2.07 million yuan. Calligraphy in Running Script by Jiang Zemin realized 506,000 yuan. Excellent works of painting and calligraphy created by artists for Fang Zhenwu, are very precious. Calligraphy in Running Script with Fang Zhenwu’s name as the recipient fetched 357,000 yuan after fierce competition.

    Fine Classic Paintings and Calligraphy reaped 6.28 million yuan
    Works at fine classic painting and calligraphy were sold for 6.28 million yuan. The Trail by Yu Zongli fetched 1.15 million yuan after several sounds of bidding. The price of Scriptures of Tang People kept rising and it ended up reaching 943,000 yuan.

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